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Day 1:

Remove the bandage after 2 hours (unless told otherwise by us), then: Wash with a non-scented Anti-Bacterial hand soap (i.e. Dial)

You will want to get all the dried gunk off, so, first, work up a lather of soap in  your hand and then give it a gentle, but good scrubbing.

Lightly pat the tattoo dry with a clean paper towel and then just leave it alone, until:

Before bed, repeat the washing process and proceed to wrap the tattoo the same way that I did when you left (with just a piece of clear plastic wrap and tape)

Day 2:

Wake up and take the clear plastic wrap off.  Your tattoo will feel slimy and gross.

Wash your tattoo- Showering is fine, but you do not want to submerge your new tattoo.  This means no baths or swimming for at least 10 days.

Pat your tattoo dry and then leave it alone, until:

Your tattoo starts to feel a bit tight or dry.  It is at this point that you can wash your hands and apply a very thin layer of white Non-Scented lotion (i.e. Lubriderm).

This should hold you over until the evening where you will:

Again, wash your hands and then your tattoo.  Pat dry and rewrap with the clear plastic wrap without any lotion (this is the last time that you will wrap your tattoo)

Day 3- Until Healed:

Wake up, Wash, Pat dry, apply a thin layer of white non-scented lotion.

Apply the lotion a MAXIMUM of 3 times a day

Remember to always wash your hands before touching your fresh tattoo

After about a week your tattoo should flake up, almost like thin scabs.  It will then start to peel like a sunburn.  This is normal.  It is just the dead skin flaking off.  It may look a bit unsightly, however this is the natural healing process.  Some spots may scab a bit harder depending on the area.  It is imperative to let your tattoo heal and fall off naturally.  At this stage and any really,


Once your tattoo is completely done flaking, it is mostly healed.  You can now take a bath, go swimming, and  reenter sunlight.  Your tattoo will still continue to heal for the next week or two.  At this stage it may appear a bit hazy or glossy.  This is normal.  Your skin is still returning to its regular self.   In a bit of time the black in your tattoo will darken and the colors will brighten.  Now you can wear it proudly.

Important things to remember:

Always wash your hands before touching your healing tattoo.

Do not expose your tattoo to direct sunlight or soak it in water for at least 10 days.  If you do it will cause complications in healing and almost always result in color loss.

The sun is your tattoo’s enemy.  Once healed, always put  an s.p.f. sunblock on your tattoo (preferably s.p.f. 30)

Always apply a very thin layer of lotion when your tattoo is healing.

If you have any questions at all please call the shop or email us.  Do not ask another tattoo artist or a friend who has been tattooed.  They may know how to heal their tattoos, but when it comes to yours we know what is best!